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Integrated water heater

Integrated water heater

A heat pump water heater works by using electricity to transfer heat from one place to another, rather than directly generating heat. Therefore, heat pump water heaters are two to three times more energy efficient than traditional electric resistance water heaters. To move heat, a heat pump works in the same direction as a refrigerator,

How to choose the right heat pump water heater? Here are some tips. The initial cost of a heat pump water heater system is usually higher than a traditional water heater. However, their relatively low operating costs can offset the higher acquisition and installation costs. When proceeding to purchase a heat pump water heater system, there are several issues to consider. Including size, fuel type, energy efficiency, and cost.

If you are considering installing a heat pump water heater, please contact AIROSD. We are a trusted wholesale heat pump water heater supplier. According to market demand, a series of heat pump water heaters are provided. These include Integrated water heaters, Circulating water heaters, High temperature water heaters, Fluorine system water heaters,and Water system water heaters. We will provide the most suitable heat pump water heater for you according to your needs.

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