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EVI DC Inverter heat pump

EVI DC Inverter heat pump

What is EVI DC inverter heat pump? EVI, which stands for Enhanced Vapor Injection, is a heat pump technology for cold weather. It enables high performance at lower temperatures. EVI heat pump technology allows to transfer more heat, using EVI heat pump technology, the exchanger is not limited by the maximum flow temperature even in cold weather.

AIROSD is a reliable R32 EVI DC inverter heating cooling DHW heat pump manufacturer factory. We always pay attention to the needs of customers and try our best to produce high-quality R32 full DC inverter EVI heat pumps. Our inverter heat pumps are suitable for use in regions with cooler climates, heating and cooling in extremely cold regions. The lowest applicable temperature can reach -35℃. Plus, it's energy efficient, which can significantly reduce your electricity bills.

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