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Ultra-low temperature series heat pump

Ultra-low temperature series heat pump

A heat pump is an excellent system for all aspects of heating, cooling, and hot water management. It offers significant savings on annual energy bills while reducing your carbon footprint thanks to an outstanding system. Meet all your heating, cooling, and hot water needs.

AIROSD is a China heat pump water heater factory with rich professional experience and produces various types of heat pumps according to market demand. Ultra-low temperature series heat pump is one of them.

Our ultra-low temperature heat pump adopts an EVI heat pump and 410A low-temperature high-efficiency environmental protection refrigeration system. Even in the cold winter -35°C heating can be 50%-80% higher than conventional air source heat pump units. In addition, AIROSD's ultra-low temperature heat pump water heater is more convenient to use than ordinary water heaters, and the water output is very large, which fully meets the needs of a large amount of hot water.

If you are looking for an ultra-low temperature heat pump with a large water output, we will be your ideal choice! Please browse the links below to choose the right heat pump and contact us to get the best price!