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DOMESTIC Water heater heat pump

DOMESTIC Water heater heat pump

In simple terms, a domestic hot water heat pump uses outside air to heat your hot water supply. These hot water heat pumps are different from standard ones in that they only provide domestic hot water for showers and sinks.
A domestic hot water heat pump system consists of a high-efficiency heat pump connected to a well-insulated hot water tank. The heat source is passed through the refrigerant of the domestic heat pump, and the refrigerant circulates in a closed loop. The heat source releases some of its energy to the refrigerant, which runs through the compressor, causing an increase in pressure and thus temperature. The resulting hot liquid is then circulated through coils around the hot water tank, heating the water.
Domestic hot water heat pumps are easy to install compared to traditional heat pump installations. At the same time, it is designed for easy transportation and quick installation.
AIROSD is the premier domestic hot water heat pump manufacturer in China, providing a series of domestic heat pump water heaters. These include Integrated water heaters, Circulating water heaters, High temperature water heaters, Fluorine system water heaters, and Water system water heaters.
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