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-30℃ EVI air to water water heater heat pump


Ultra-low temperature heat pump using EVI heat pump and low temperature efficient environmental protection refrigeration system 410A, in the -35 ℃ cold area heating energy efficiency than conventional air source heat pump unit 50%-80% higher, ultra-low temperature heat pump water heater application range than the general water heater, easy to use, and the water output is very large, can meet the needs of a large number of hot water use, the cost is very high.


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AIROSD Ultra-low Temperature Heat Pump Series

AIROSD ultra-low temperature heat pump adopts R410A environmental friendly refrigerant combined with EVI heat pump to ensure the best performance in the temperature range of -35℃ to 43℃, which can operate safely and reliably all year round. It is worth mentioning that the unit can operate efficiently at -35°C with high COP, reliable stability and high heating capacity to provide hot water at 60°C. No electric heating is required, ensuring protection against Legionella. It is ideal for hot water or heating for commercial projects such as buildings, commercial premises and hotels.


Industrial Heat Pump Manufacturers


Branded accessories Stable performance

All the main parts of the equipment are made of international famous brands, and the unit is stable in operation.Titanium heat exchanger in PVC shell , virtually impervious to water chemistry damage.Insufficient water flow protection & high/low pressure protection.Auto 4-way-valve defrost, ensure reliably running at cold ambient temp.


Industrial Heat Pump Manufacturers


How heat pumps work

With the EVI system, the ultra-low temperature heat pump can operate stably at temperatures as low as -35°C. Therefore it can meet the heating in cold areas and hot water needs in cold areas.


Industrial Heat Pump Manufacturers


Powerful heating for a wide range of applications

The EVI air jet enthalpy increase compression technology is adopted to improve the refrigerant circulation system. During the system circulation process, the refrigerant flow is increased through the intermediate air supplementary enthalpy increase, which greatly increases the heating capacity and improves the stability and heating capacity of the system operation under low temperature conditions. In the low temperature state of -35°C, it can ensure efficient heating, wide operating range.


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EVI heat pump main features

1, high energy efficiency, low operating costs; 2, high energy efficiency refrigeration dehumidification, long service life; 3, no work leakage pollution, no refrigerant consumption and other problems; 4, high safety, heat pump system does not produce water vapor and water when heating, will not be frozen due to condensation and damage the unit or parts.


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Automatic defrost mode + anti-secondary long ice technology

The outdoor unit adopts outdoor temperature sensor and heat exchanger temperature sensor to perform variable-parameter defrosting and accurately grasp the defrosting timing, whicheffectively solves the problem of "no defrosting when there is frost,but defrosting without frost", and the amount of frost perunit time is significantly reduced. Only 1/3 of the normal defrost mode. At the same time.with the unigue anti-secondary long-ice technology of AlROSD. It can ensure that there is no frost at the bottom of the outdoor heat exchanger during heating in winter, and at the same time, the ice-water mixture left along the fins can be fully heated to a liquid state during defrosting. It is drained through the bottom drain hole to avoid poor heating effect caused by the accumulation of frost at the bottom.


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1. Test conditions: (DB/WB) 7℃/℃, inlet water temperature 9℃, outlet water temperature 55℃.

2. Due to product improvement, above datas are subject to change without prior notice, please take the rating plate as standard.

Dimension outline drawing


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