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80℃ High output temperature air to water water heater heat pump


AIROSD High Temperature Hot Water Heat Pump adopts EVI scroll compressor and capable producing hot water with a maximum temperature up to 85℃, It uses R134A refrigerant, which is not only eco-friendly but also reliable and stable especially for the system producing high temperature hot water. Suitable: satisfy most water demand for high temperature water in industrial

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Wide range of applications

AIROSD provides a one-stop solution for high-temperature demand sites in areas such as oil, power, electroplating plants, beer/milk/beverage production, textile printing and dyeing, washing, slaughtering, mining, smelting, heating, chemical, etc.


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Low Operating Cost

The operating cost Es very low compared with conventional heat source, such as electricity, coal, gas and diesel.


Heat Pump Water Heater Manufacturers


Focus on quality emphasis on detail

Intelligent control: Micro processor based digital controller with LCD display. Durable-more than 15 years life span. Adjustable water temperature setting: 25℃-85℃. High efficiency tube-in- shell water heat exchanger. Easy installation and operation.


Heat Pump Water Heater Manufacturers


EVI Technology

EVI Scroll compressor specially designed for high water temperature heat pump.


Heat Pump Water Heater Manufacturers


Environmental Friendly

Adopting R134a refrigerant of Iower GWP. the air pollution emission is zero, which is very environmental-friendly compared with coal.


Heat Pump Water Heater Manufacturers


85℃ Hot Water Outlet

With stable high temperature hot water supply, the unit can be widely used in different industial applications.


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1. Test conditions: (DB/WB) 20℃/15℃, inlet water temperature 60℃, outlet water temperature 65℃.

2. Due to product improvement, above datas are subject to change without prior notice, please take the rating plate as standard.

Dimension outline drawing


Heat Pump Water Heater Manufacturers