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All-in-one water heater heat pump (stainless steel)


AIROSD water circulating hot water heat pump, with outlet water temperature up to 60°C. Water and electricity separation mode ensures safety. The continuous output of hot water can easily meet the needs of both kitchen and bathroom.


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Surging hot water - refreshing bath

Water circulating air source heat pump uses a small amount of electric energy to drive the fan to absorb heat from air. The central water supply system is designed to effectively meet the requirements of simultaneous water supply at multiple points in the bathroom and kitchen.


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All day hot water - enjoy hot spring bath

With constant temperature hot water all day long, you can enjoy bathing at any time. With intelligent temperature control, you can take a comfortable bath.


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Fast heating, time-saving

High efficiency compressor is used to ensure efficient heating in all seasons.


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WAR intelligent control system

It can realize the functions of setting water outlet temperature , timing on/off, timing/automatic defrosting, fault alarm, compressor protection, etc.


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Safe and reliable

AIROSD air source water circulating water heater completely separates water and electricity in the system, ensuring the safety of your family.


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All weather powerful heating

Working ambient temperature down to -15°C, The unit will be not affected by wind, rain, thunder and snow weather.


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Energy conservation and environmental protection

The air source heat pump uses the heat in the air to convert hot water. There is no emission and pollution during operation.


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Special compressor

Special materials are selected for special parts, and the characteristics of low wear, low energy consumption, high efficiency and durability are still maintained during long-term operation.

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1. Test conditions: dry bulb temperature 20℃ / wet bulb temperature 15℃, initial water temperature 15℃ / termination water temperature 55℃.

2. Models and parameters are subject to change without notice due to product improvement. Specific parameters are subject to the nameplate parameters.

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