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Normal AT. air to water water heater heat pump(-15~43℃)


This commercial heat pump water heater is the best solution for hot water supply of commercial project, and can work with advantages of high safety, stability, much convenience, energy saving, and environment friendly, which assures 24 hours comfortable hot water supplying. It is widely used in hot water project of school, hotel, hospital, supper market and other large building, which needs large water volume supply


Heat Pump Manufacturers In China


Commercial Central Hot Water Solutions

AIROSD provides one-stop central hot water solutions for commercial offices, hotels, factories, hospitals, and schools, and the series of products can be used together to meet the central hot water needs of different buildings.


Heat Pump Manufacturers In China


Branded accessories Stable performance

Copeland scroll compressor, quiet and high efficiency. High efficiency heat exchanger. Schneider electrical components. Intelligent controlling system. Intelligent EE valve, excellent efficiency at different ambient temp. Automatically defrosting. Easy installation and LCD operation.


Heat Pump Manufacturers In China


Safe and reliable

The heat pump absorbs a lot of energy from the air, COP>4.0, energy saving 75%.Adopting the large insulated water tank for 24h hot water supplies.Central hot water system can meet the multi-point hot water requirement at the same time.


Heat Pump Manufacturers In China


How heat pumps work

AIROSD heat pump can work normally at -15℃, transferring the air heat source above -15℃ in the air to the air generator causing the heat generated by the refrigerant in the air exchanger to heat up and vaporize to be released into the water, causing the water temperature to rise. Air water heater is currently one of the world's highest energy efficiency ratio of hot water equipment.


Heat Pump Manufacturers In China


Widely choose for heating capacity

Working ambient temperature down to - 15 ° C, The unit will be not affected by wind, rain, thunder and snow weather.


Heat Pump Manufacturers In China


Automatic defrost mode + anti-secondary long ice technology

The outdoor unit adopts outdoor temperature sensor and heat exchanger temperature sensor to perform variable-parameter defrosting and accurately grasp the defrosting timing, whicheffectively solves the problem of "no defrosting when there is frost,but defrosting without frost", and the amount of frost perunit time is significantly reduced. Only 1/3 of the normal defrost mode. At the same time.with the unigue anti-secondary long-ice technology of AlROSD. It can ensure that there is no frost at the bottom of the outdoor heat exchanger during heating in winter, and at the same time, the ice-water mixture left along the fins can be fully heated to a liquid state during defrosting. It is drained through the bottom drain hole to avoid poor heating effect caused by the accumulation of frost at the bottom.


Heat Pump Manufacturers In China



1. Test conditions: (DB/WB) 7℃/℃, inlet water temperature 9℃, outlet water temperature 55℃.

2. Due to product improvement, above datas are subject to change without prior notice, please take the rating plate as standard.

Dimension outline drawing


Heat Pump Manufacturers In China