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High output temperature water heater

High output temperature water heater

A water heater is a familiar fixture in most homes. That's because the water that enters your home makes its journey through the plumbing system and is often cold or cool depending on the time of year. To get enough hot water to shower, bathe or do laundry, you need a water heater.

Are you still worried about how to choose a water heater to meet your family's heating needs? AIROSD's High-temperature water heater not only provides enough hot water for your family but also effectively prevents harmful gas emissions.

Using a High-temperature water heater is an energy-saving method. The AIROSD high-temperature hot water heat pump can generate hot water with a maximum temperature of 75°C for domestic use. It is the most energy-efficient and cost-effective way of heating hot water.

In addition, the AIROSD high-temperature hot water heat pump uses R134A refrigerant, which is not only environmentally friendly but also reliable and stable and is especially suitable for systems that generate high-temperature hot water. So it can keep the water temperature stable and provide you with the best hot water experience!