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Refrigerant cycle split water heater heat pump

Refrigerant cycle split water heater heat pump

According to statistics, the cost of hot water accounts for almost 20% of the household budget. Its usage and cost will keep rising if we spend more time at home. In the long run, the expenditure of this cost is relatively huge. But many people will neglect to choose a water heater. In fact, choosing a suitable water heater will greatly reduce the cost.
If your water heater is nearing the end of its life, choose AIROSD. We specialize in wholesale hot water heaters and have produced different types of home heat pump water heaters. Integrated water heaters, Circulating water heaters, High-temperature water heaters, Fluorine system water heaters, and Water system water heaters are the five types we mainly produce.
AIROSD's Fluorine system water heater is a split heat pump water heater with higher heat exchange elements, providing you with the most energy-efficient solution for a sanitary hot water supply. In addition, to save more space, you can install the outdoor unit on the outer wall or on the balcony.
Not only that, but it also adopts stainless steel reinforced heat exchanger, which has a strong heating capacity, high efficiency and energy saving, good stability, and long service life. Therefore, it is definitely an ideal and cost-effective choice.