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Water cycle split water heater heat pump

Water cycle split water heater heat pump

Perhaps you are looking for hot water heater manufacturers? AIROSD is a heat pump water heater manufacturer in China with rich experience. According to the market demand, we strive to provide various high-quality water heaters.
Water system water heaters are one of them. The water system creates a loop from the water heater to the faucet and back again. Unused hot water is pumped back through this path. So the water doesn't stay in the pipes to get cold
, when you need hot water, you can get it quickly without waiting.
AIROSD's water system water heater, the outlet water temperature can reach 60 ℃. In addition, its water and electricity separation mode ensure safety, and the continuous hot water can easily meet the needs of the kitchen and bathroom.
Therefore, choosing AIROSD's water system water heater is an ideal and cost-effective choice. It is not affected by the weather and can provide you with hot water around the clock.
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