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When To Use Emergency Heat On Heat Pumps?

When To Use Emergency Heat On Heat Pumps?

15 May, 2023

A heat pump is an energy-efficient, versatile heating and cooling system commonly found in homes. It works by transporting heat from one spot to another, either by extracting heat from the outside air to warm the inside during the colder months or by eliminating heat from the interior during the warmer months. While heat pumps are highly efficient, there are certain circumstances when it may be necessary to use the emergency heat setting. Continue reading to discover how to use emergency heat!

What Is An Emergency Heat?

Emergency heat, also known as auxiliary heat or backup heat, is an additional heating source in heat pump systems. When the heat pump is unable to satisfy the heating demands efficiently, it comprises electric resistance heating components or a gas furnace that gives heat directly to the residence.

Air To Water Heat Pump Manufacturer

Air To Water Heat Pump Manufacturer

When To Use Emergency Heat?

Here are some situations where to use emergency heat as the following:

Extreme Cold Weather

Heat pumps work best when the outdoor temperature is above freezing. As the temperature drops, the efficiency of the heat pump decreases, and it may struggle to extract sufficient heat from the outside air. In exceptionally cold weather, often temperatures below 25 degrees Fahrenheit (-4 degrees Celsius), the heat pump may be unable to provide enough heat to maintain the target inside temperature. This is when emergency heat is required to maintain pleasant living circumstances.

Heat Pump Malfunction

If your heat pump malfunctions or requires repairs, it may be unable to provide adequate heating. In such cases, utilizing the emergency heat setting can serve as a temporary solution until the primary heat pump is repaired.

Geothermal Heat Pump Factory

Geothermal Heat Pump Factory

Rapid Temperature Increase

Heat pumps are designed to work efficiently by slowly adjusting the temperature. If you need to swiftly boost the internal temperature, such as after returning from a vacation or when a cold front approaches, the emergency heat option can provide quicker heating to quickly achieve the appropriate temperature.

Ice or Snow Accumulation

During winter weather events, heat pumps can sometimes accumulate ice or snow on the outdoor unit. This can impede the heat pump's ability to extract heat from the air. In such instances, switching to emergency heat might provide a temporary solution until the ice or snow melts and the heat pump can resume normal operation.

What Is The Proper Use Of Emergency Heat?

While emergency heat is useful in specific situations, it is important to understand that it is not intended for regular or prolonged use. Here are a few guidelines for using emergency heat effectively:

Energy Efficiency

Emergency heat relies on electric resistance heating, which consumes more energy compared to the heat pump. As a result, it is critical to utilize emergency heat only when necessary and to return to the heat pump as soon as conditions permit. Long-term usage of emergency heat might result in increased energy expenditures.

Commercial Swimming Pool Heat Pumps Manufacturer

Commercial Swimming Pool Heat Pumps Manufacturer

Thermostat Settings

Most heat pump thermostats have an Emergency Heat mode or a switch that activates the backup heating system. If you require emergency heat, make sure your thermostat is set to the appropriate mode. Return to the standard heating mode once the heat pump is running properly again.

Professional Assistance

If you find yourself relying on emergency heat frequently or for extended periods, it is advisable to have a professional HVAC technician inspect your heat pump system. Regular maintenance and prompt repairs can help avoid problems and guarantee that your heat pump works properly.


Emergency heat serves as a valuable backup heating option in specific situations where a heat pump may struggle to meet the heating demands efficiently. AIROSD is not only one of the leading heat pump manufacturers but also a reliable pool heat pump manufacturer. If you are looking for a high-quality heat pump from the market, choose us and get a good heat pump price!

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